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Advanced Real-Time Reflectance, Part 1 (GDC 2004)

Published March 25, 2004

Recent advances in graphics hardware and APIs are enabling game developers to use increasingly general reflectance models in their games. However, physics and computer graphics research has generated a large body of knowledge about material reflectance which has not yet been leveraged by game developers.

This talk starts with the basic physics of reflectance, and continues to explain the deficiencies of the most commonly-used model (Blinn- Phong).The presentation covers various reflectance models used in the computer graphics literature (such as Cook-Torrance, Ashikhmin-Shirley,Ward, La Fortune and others).

Practical implementation methods for these reflectance models on modern programmable hardware are used to realistically render several real-world materials. The presentation concludes by discussing the integratation of these models into the game development pipeline.

This is the first part of a two-part lecture.

Speakers: Daniel Baker, Naty Hoffman

Run time 53:01
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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